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Results of the sef: survey 2022-2023

The event landscape has changed significantly during and after the Coronavirus pandemic. In order to respond to this and continue to offer high-quality and relevant events, we conducted a target group survey in the fourth quarter of 2022. 200 German-speaking and 125 English-speaking participants completed the survey online.
Some of the most important quantitative results of the survey are published here.

Participants of the survey

The majority of participants work in academia (German-speaking 33%/ English-speaking 40%) and civil society organisations (21%/27%).

17% of the German and 10% of the English-speaking participants come from the field of politics and administration. Among the German-speaking participants, 9% come from the education sector. Approx. 4% overall come from the private sector.
Of the English-speaking participants, 36% live in the Global North (except Germany), 30% in Africa, 16% in Asia, 5% in Latin America and 12% in Germany.

Priorities at sef: events – what matters to participants?

The opportunity to acquire knowledge in a compact way and getting to know new perspectives are most important to all participants. This is followed by opportunities for active participation, exchange and networking.
The opportunity to contribute their own experiences is particularly important for English-speaking participants. An attractive supporting programme and prominent speakers are of secondary importance.

Relevance of online events

64% of the German-speaking and 54% of the English-speaking participants consider online events to be a good opportunity to attend events without having to travel. For 30% and 36% respectively, they are a substitute with many limitations. For 5% and 7% respectively, they are not relevant.

Duration of online events

A clear majority considers short (1-2h) online formats to be most attractive. Slightly less than half are also interested in split online events over several days. Only a minority are interested in full-day or multi-day online events.

Duration of in person events

A majority considers full-day or multi-day in person events to be most attractive. For international participants, events lasting several days are even more popular than one-day events. About half (German- and English-speaking) are also interested in short in person formats.

Perception of sef: public relations

sef: conference reports and the newsletter are read most frequently by our target groups. Many participants consult the sef: website regularly or occasionally. A small group of respondents read tweets and LinkedIn posts of the sef:.

Next steps

The results of the survey will directly inform the planning of further events in 2023 (and beyond). If you want to find out about our upcoming events, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.

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