International high-level dialogue forum

Shaping a globalised world

Global Governance – Prospects in a World in Transition

Engaging critically yet constructively with the global governance debate has been integral to the work of the sef: since the 1990s. Here, the sef: analyses and discusses the changing forms and challenges of governance in a global context, ever mindful of the diversity of stakeholders, levels of political authority and policy fields involved.

A particular area of interest for the sef: is the increasing rejection of “Western” norms, which must be viewed against the backdrop of international power shifts and continuing inequalities and injustices in global regimes.


Human Rights and the Global Economy

International sef: Expert Workshop 2017


"City governments should be the agent of local communities"

sef: insight 8|2018
Interview with Professor Anél du Plessis on the foundations of the global urban governance narrative

The World Humanitarian Summit. Triumph of Humanity?

Global Governance Spotlight 2|2016

BRICS. A realistic alternative for global reforms?

Global Governance Spotlight 6|2015

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