International high-level dialogue forum

Shaping a globalised world

Global Shocks: Considering long-term prevention in short-term responses

21 September - 7 October 2021
Workshop series (online, via Zoom)

Conference language: English

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The corona pandemic was the latest in a series of global shocks which seem to be increasing in frequency and intensity. Dealing with such events is particularly challenging for policy-makers from the local to the international level. The urgent need for action means that measures – most times implemented ad hoc – often tend to look inwards only or have negative side effects that make it more dif¬ficult to address fundamental long-term challenges. At worst, they thus may encourage future global shocks.

In our International Expert Workshop series 2021, we ask what it takes to respond adequately to acute global crises while promoting long-term transformative processes. The focus is on three key areas: "Leadership and participation," "The complexity of scientific evidence," and "Mechanisms, instruments and procedures".

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