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Regional Cooperation in and with Africa – Moving Forward Together

Since 2008, regional cooperation in and with Africa has been a priority topic for the sef:, reflecting the key importance of this neighbour continent for Europe. The Potsdam Spring Dialogues, hosted by the sef:, are well-established as a forum for debate with African experts on ways of strengthening regional cooperation on peace and development among the African countries and between Africa and Europe.



"Institutional frameworks are often lagging behind the reality on the ground"

sef: insight 5|2019
Interview with Lori-Anne Théroux-Bénoni on African responses to the crisis in Sahel

"Women are underrepresented in social insurance"

sef: insight 4|2018
Interview with Raquel Tebaldi on gender considerations in social protection

The G7 CONNEX Initiative. Fit for purpose?

Global Governance Spotlight 3|2015

"We always regard development as our highest priority"

sef: insight 6|2019
Interview with Professor Zhang Chun on African-Chinese security cooperation

"It’s about common destiny and shared responsibility"

sef: insight 4|2019
Interview with Michelle Ndiaye on African ownership in peace and security

"Mining in Africa has not worked for its people"

sef: insight 3|2018
Interview with Nkateko Chauke on the SADC Basic Income Grant

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