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North-South: A Programme for Survival – the Brandt Report at 40

On 12 February 1980, Willy Brandt formally presented the report of the Independent Commission on International Development Issues (Brandt Commission) to the UN Secretary-General. Entitled North–South: A Programme for Survival, the report “is based on what appears to be the simplest common interest: that mankind wants to survive […]” (p. 13). It defines poverty and hunger, the depletion of natural resources and the proliferation of weapons as major challenges that require common solutions. Against the backdrop of the East-West conflict and great disparities between North and South, the report recognised the interconnection between development and peace.

How relevant is the Brandt Report today, 40 years after its publication? Which unsolved challenges identified by the Brandt Commission do we still face in 2020? Where has positive change been achieved, and which new problems have emerged? With its #Brandt40 hashtag, the Development and Peace Foundation (sef:) is keen to encourage reflection on these questions in 2020. To help the process along, we will be publishing 40 excerpts from the Brandt Report throughout the year. You can find them on this webpage.

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