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Climate Change, Violent Conflict and Environmental Peacebuilding: Understanding the Interlinkages

Tobias Ide
August 2022, 32 pages


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In many parts of the world, climate change has severe impacts not only on human security but also on economic and political stability. It increases resource competition, recruitment opportunities for armed groups, and migration.

Environmental peacebuilding as a comprehensive approach can address climate-related conflict risks by focussing on how the joint management of natural resources and environmental problems can support peace. In GLOBAL TRENDS. ANALYSIS 01|2022 Tobias Ide describes the core mechanisms of environmental peacebuilding to facilitate climate-resilient peace. At the same time, the author also looks at the limitations of the approach. Concluding, the paper gives recommendations for political actors, donors, and civil society how they can support environmental peacebuilding processes on the local level.

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