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A Global Rule of Law. Cui bono?

Dr. Henning Melber
September 2012; 4 pages


Under the title "A Global Rule of Law. Cui bono?" Dr Henning Melber, member of the SEF's advisory board and for many years director of the Dag Hammarskj├Âld Foundation, Uppsala, contributes to the high level meeting of the UN General Assembly on 24 September 2012 on the rule of law. Melber welcomes the increased attention paid to the issue in the international debate, also with regard to socio-economic policy strategies. He cautions, however, against a one-sided perspective and pitfalls in international activities to promote the rule of law on the national as well as international level. The credibility of the international community can only be preserved by a renewed legitimacy of institutions and norms that serve all members of society, Melber argues in his paper.

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