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Strengthening Social Protection in Africa. National, regional and international strategies

19-20 April 2018
NH Hotel Potsdam

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In sub-Sahara Africa, only 17.8 percent of the population is covered by social protection. Africa, then, is still the continent with poorest access to social protection coverage – coupled with growing inequality. This is the case even though numerous African countries have adopted measures to improve social protection in recent years. A large number of relevant initiatives have been established at both regional and continental level.

How successful are they and what are the challenges associated? What has to happen for initiatives to be effective on a broader scale? And what kind of support can the international community provide?


Social Protection – Concepts, Actors and Current Developments (Prof. Dr. Markus Kaltenborn)


Media coverage

Strengthening African safety nets
Article in the magazine D+C, 02/06/2018
by Sabine Balk


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