International high-level dialogue forum

Shaping a globalised world

The World Trade System after COVID-19: Pathways towards welfare-oriented trade policy

24-25 September 2020

Conference language: English

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The world trade system was already in deep crisis before the coronavirus pandemic. Key elements of this system risked being eroded by geopolitical power struggles and protectionist foreign trade strategies. COVID-19 has exposed a further weakness of global trade liberalisation: the crisis vulnerability of a world economy structured on a division of labour and global supply chains.

The International sef: Expert Workshop 2020 aims to draw lessons from the flaws that the coronavirus pandemic has exposed. What action is needed to make the world trade system more resilient and sustainable? How can vulnerability in global supply chains be reduced? What might a cooperative system for the fair distribution of critical goods look like? Which stakeholders and alliances will play the key role in shaping the future world trade system?

If you are interested in participating, please send a message (indicating your professional background) to roth(at)

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