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The UN at 75: Europe’s vision for the world organisation

3. März 2020
Vertretung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen bei der Europäischen Union, Brüssel

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In 2020, the United Nations is celebrating its 75th anniversary. At a time when multilateralism is retreating in the face of resurgent nationalism in international relations, Europe’s continued support for the UN seems to be more crucial than ever. At the same time, the EU finds itself in a state of fragmentation, and its ability to act is questioned in practice.

At the Policy Lunch entitled “The UN at 75 – Europe’s vision for the world organisation”, we will join the current conversation initiated by the UN on “the future we want” and discuss European vision(s) for a multilateral system of the future and the UN’s role in these visions. In particular, we are interested to explore how the EU could and should contribute, in practice, to support a revival of multilateralism and to make the UN fit for purpose for the next decades.

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