Bonn Conference for Global Transformation 2015: From Politics to Implementation

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Transformative alliances: How small groups of stakeholders could make a big difference

12–13 May 2015
World Conference Center Bonn / Germany

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International cooperation is necessary to achieve a great transformation towards more just and sustainable societies in the Global North and South. As a complement to formal multilateral negotiations, smaller groups of stakeholders – including national and sub-national governments, civil society and businesses – could make a significant contribution. Such alliances of frontrunners could provide incentives, would allow participants to go further faster and might retain the international community’s ability to act – as proven already in the area of security policy, e.g. in the Coalition for an International Criminal Court or the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect.
During the workshop, we will discuss how such an approach could work in the area of climate change. While there are many initiatives and partnerships already in existence in the sustainability sector, many of them support incremental change at best. We suggest that a new type of alliance is necessary for transformational change. Such transformative alliances would need to combine four elements:

  1. an ambitious vision,
  2. clear conditions for membership in the alliance,
  3. attractive benefits from membership, some of which need to be exclusive for members only, and
  4. support by a strong civil society campaign both in the Global North and South, backed by ambitious education for sustainable development.

The workshop will explore the vision, criteria and benefits of such alliances. On a more concrete level, we will also try to figure out how institutional arrangements could look like, which countries, regions and stakeholders would be potential members and what options there are for middle powers like Germany, regional actors like the EU or sub-national entities such as the German Bundesländer.

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