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Work programme for 2015 – 2020

The “Work programme for 2015-2020”, adopted in November 2014 by the sef’s Board of Trustees, forms the framework for the work of the Development and Peace Foundation (sef:).

The Board of Trustees proceeded on the assumption that transnational problems are increasing, and many of the potential solutions and cooperative structures which looked promising only a few years ago are failing to produce results. Changed power relations are bringing new actors with different interests into play. This has a direct impact on the normative bases of global governance. Furthermore, non-state actors are steadily gaining in importance in many fields of relevance to global public goods. The logical imperatives guiding these players’ actions and cooperation are highly diverse, further increasing the complexity of global governance.

The Board of Trustees agreed on three programme areas. The first deals primarily with the normative issues outlined above, while the other two have a thematic focus:

These programme areas are:

  • Normative Challenges in Global Governance
  • Universal Development Goals – Regional and Local Implementation
  • International Responsibility in Crises and Conflicts

In addition, the Work programme provides for retaining a regional focus on the African continent. A stated aim of the Potsdam Spring Dialogues is to follow African regional initiatives; and the Foundation attaches great importance to dialogue with African experts in its other projects and programmes as well, wherever this is compatible with its thematic agenda.

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