Normative Challenges in Global Governance

In this programme area, the Foundation discusses normative challenges affecting policy-making in a global context, approaching this issue from a variety of perspectives across a range of topics and levels. By promoting interdisciplinary and international exchange, the Foundation aims to identify constructive approaches for peaceful action and future-oriented problem-solving. It focuses inter alia on the rejection of "Western" norms by new and emerging major and medium-sized powers in the context of continuing global inequalities and injustices.

The Foundation considers which norms must be redefined, how this can be achieved and which specific contribution Germany and Europe can make to this process. Alternative concepts and their bases – such as those under discussion in the major emerging economies – and counter-models to global governance are explored in more depth. The contribution made by non-state actors is also discussed.

Erosion processes affecting existing international forums and the formation of new alliances are also of interest in this context. Implementation of standards is a further topic of discussion, along with the legitimacy of global decision-making and the role of national and regional parliaments.