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Digitalisation and Social Media – Impacts on Peace and Development

It is almost impossible to predict the full extent and depth to which the progressive digitalisation of our world will impact on each and every one of our lives. Digitalisation and social media in particular are transforming how we communicate, interact socially and do business. How will these changes affect peace and development at the global and societal level? How can the positives be reinforced and the negative impacts mitigated? These are just some of the questions of particular interest to the sef:.


Participation or Polarisation? Social media and societal peace

Dresden Forum for International Politics 2019

Breaking up filter bubbles.
How to retain diversity?

sef: Workshop during the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2017

Internet Freedom and Net Neutrality at Stake. How to defend digital rights?

sef: Workshop during the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2018


"We need to bring the human back into the digital conversation"

sef: insight 2|2019
Interview with Nanjala Nyabola on social media and its role in Kenya

"Opportunities as never before to interact with citizens"

sef: insight 1|2019
Interview with Laura Chinchilla on social media and their role in politics

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