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Bridging the gap – How to reconcile the EU with a UN treaty on business and human rights

19 November 2019
Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to the EU, Brussels


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Conference language: English

In October 2019, the members of the open-ended working group commissioned to negotiate a possible legal binding instrument on business and human rights will meet in Geneva for the fifth time. They will discuss a revised version of last year’s zero draft. Support for such a treaty has been running strong from developing and emerging economies. However, Western countries and entities including the European Union have shown scepticism towards a UN treaty throughout the negotiations.

The Policy Lunch will provide first-hand insights into the negotiations through observers and participants in the debate. How was the revised draft received by the advocates of a treaty and the sceptics? Does it show the way to close the gap between developing countries rather supporting a binding treaty in opposition to rather developed countries? And what role will the European Union play in the negotiations with the newly elected Parliament and incoming European Commission?

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