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sef: insight presents interviews with international experts and opinion pieces from different world regions.

"We need to shift from a product ownership mindset to a service ownership mindset"

Interview with Deepali Sinha Khetriwal on circular economies
sef: insight 03|2020

"The salt flats have much more to offer to the world than only lithium and copper"

Interview with Ramón Morales Balcázar on the value of Chile’s salt flats
sef: insight 02|2020

"AfCFTA has the ability to unite the continent"

Interview with Maria Auma Horne on the promise of free trade for young innovators and businesses
sef: insight 01|2020

"It is about building community"

Interview with Mariana Alegre on how to create better public spaces for everyone
sef: insight 11|2019

"There is a need to amend tender procedures"

Interview with Ntomboxolo Cynthia Ngxesha on public procurement as key instrument for realizing the SDGs
sef: insight 10|2019

"This is fundamentally an issue of procedural justice"

Interview with Mithika J. Mwenda on climate justice and the voice of marginalized communities
sef: insight 9|2019

"Investing in human capital is very important for reconstruction efforts"

Interview with Rasha Jarhum on Yemen’s perspectives
sef: insight 8|2019

"We need to get away from neoliberal policies in reconstruction"

Interview with Aseel Sawalha on lessons learned from Beirut
sef: insight 7|2019

"We always regard development as our highest priority"

Interview with Professor Zhang Chun on African-Chinese security cooperation
sef: insight 6|2019

"Institutional frameworks are often lagging behind the reality on the ground"

Interview with Lori-Anne Théroux-Bénoni on African responses to the crisis in Sahel
sef: insight 5|2019

"It’s about common destiny and shared responsibility"

Interview with Michelle Ndiaye on African ownership in peace and security
sef: insight 4|2019

"There is a need for well agreed coordination mechanisms"

Interview with Cyriaque P. Agnekethom on regional peace cooperation in West Africa
sef: insight 3|2019

"We need to bring the human back into the digital conversation"

Interview with Nanjala Nyabola on social media and its role in Kenya
sef: insight 2|2019

"Opportunities as never before to interact with citizens"

Interview with Laura Chinchilla on social media and their role in politics
 sef: insight 1|2019

"It’s not a project, it’s a way of life"

Interview with Colisile Tfwala on engaging businesses for local sustainability
sef: insight 12|2018

"We are the voice of young people in urban sustainability"

Interview with Nick Ngatia on Nairobi Urban Creators
sef: insight 11|2018

"We have to create demand for better governments"

Interview with Namhla Mniki-Mangaliso on empowering civil society in Africa
sef: insight 10|2018

"A sustainable city needs sustainable institutions"

Interview with Ahmed AbuLaban on Ramallah as a regional model for sustainability
sef: insight 9|2018

"City governments should be the agent of local communities"

Interview with Professor Anél du Plessis on the foundations of the global urban governance narrative
sef: insight 8|2018

"We are targeting women because they can actually influence decision-making"

Interview with Professor Jurma Aming Tikmasan on women’s participation in peace processes
sef: insight 7|2018

"Journalists find themselves in a tight corner"

Interview with Rev Geraldine Fobang on local journalism in armed conflicts
sef: insight 6|2018


"The media have a very big role in promoting social cohesion"

Interview with William Tayeebwa on conventional and peace journalism
sef: insight 5|2018

"Women are underrepresented in social insurance"

Interview with Raquel Tebaldi on gender considerations in social protection
sef: insight 4|2018


"Mining in Africa has not worked for its people"

Interview with Nkateko Chauke on the SADC Basic Income Grant
sef: insight 3|2018


"The alternative to democracy is democracy"

Interview with Professor Samir Kumar Das from India
sef: insight 2|2018


"Young people all over the world need to get political"

Interview with Hajer Sharief from Libya
sef: insight 1|2018


"We need to make the SDGs more accessible"

Interview with Abdihakim Ainte on SDG implementation in Somalia
sef: insight 9|2017


"Energy is fundamentally political"

Interview with Tasneem Essop on decentralised renewable energy systems
sef: insight 8|2017

"Local partnerships are key"

Interview with Mariam Yunusa on the importance of SDG localisation
sef: insight 7|2017

"More advocacy work needed"

Interview with Cephas Lumina on the Guiding
Principles on Foreign Debt and Human Rights
sef: insight 6|2017

"Women are losing out"

Interview with Ranja Sengupta on the
effects of trade and investment liberalization
sef: insight 5|2017

"Exclusion is not an event but a process which builds up over time"

Interview with Oury Traoré
sef: insight 4|2017


"Weaving back trust into the social fabric"

Interview with Bernardo Arévalo de León
sef: insight 3|2017

"Young people can effect change"

Interview with Job Shipululo Amupanda
sef: insight 2|2017


"Skills are critical for the job market"

Interview with Misan Rewane
sef: insight 1|2017


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