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sef: insight

sef: insight presents interviews with international experts and opinion pieces from different world regions.

"City governments should be the agent of local communities"

Interview with Professor Anél du Plessis on the foundations of the global urban governance narrative

"We are targeting women because they can actually influence decision-making"

Interview with Professor Jurma Aming Tikmasan on women’s participation in peace processes
sef: insight 7|2018

"Journalists find themselves in a tight corner"

Interview with Rev Geraldine Fobang on local journalism in armed conflicts
sef: insight 6|2018


"The media have a very big role in promoting social cohesion"

Interview with William Tayeebwa on conventional and peace journalism
sef: insight 5|2018

"Women are underrepresented in social insurance"

Interview with Raquel Tebaldi on gender considerations in social protection
sef: insight 4|2018


"Mining in Africa has not worked for its people"

Interview with Nkateko Chauke on the SADC Basic Income Grant
sef: insight 3|2018


"The alternative to democracy is democracy"

Interview with Professor Samir Kumar Das from India
sef: insight 2|2018


"Young people all over the world need to get political"

Interview with Hajer Sharief from Libya
sef: insight 1|2018


"We need to make the SDGs more accessible"

Interview with Abdihakim Ainte on SDG implementation in Somalia
sef: insight 9|2017


"Energy is fundamentally political"

Interview with Tasneem Essop on decentralised renewable energy systems
sef: insight 8|2017

"Local partnerships are key"

Interview with Mariam Yunusa on the importance of SDG localisation
sef: insight 7|2017

"More advocacy work needed"

Interview with Cephas Lumina on the Guiding
Principles on Foreign Debt and Human Rights
sef: insight 6|2017

"Women are losing out"

Interview with Ranja Sengupta on the
effects of trade and investment liberalization
sef: insight 5|2017

"Exclusion is not an event but a process which builds up over time"

Interview with Oury Traoré
sef: insight 4|2017


"Weaving back trust into the social fabric"

Interview with Bernardo Arévalo de León
sef: insight 3|2017

"Young people can effect change"

Interview with Job Shipululo Amupanda
sef: insight 2|2017


"Skills are critical for the job market"

Interview with Misan Rewane
sef: insight 1|2017


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