sef: Policy Papers

The publication series sef: Policy Paper was set in June 2012 after publication of the 36th edition. The sef: has established the new publication format Global Governance Spotlight at this time.

All issues of the sef: Policy Paper can be downloaded free of charge in pdf format.


Policy Paper 36
Sustainable Mobility

Recommendations for Future-Proof Transport Strategies
Jürgen Perschon

sef: April 2012

Policy Paper 35
Climate Change Adaptation

Challenges in Institutionalization and Financing
Pieter Pauw/Chinwe Ifejika Speranza/Isabel van de Sand/
Marcus Kaplan/Benjamin Schraven

sef: November 2011

Policy Paper 34
Towards Global Energy Governance

Strategies for Equitable Access to Sustainable Energy
Manfred Fischedick/Sylvia Borbonus/Hanna Scheck

sef: April 2011

Policy Paper 33
Tensions between Migrant Groups: Imported or Home-Grown?

Recommendations for municipal actors with reference to the Turkish-Kurdish conflict
Jan Hanrath

sef: February 2011

Policy Paper 32
Humanitarian Aid – A Tool to Build A Functioning State?

Policy Recommendations as a Response to the Haiti Disaster
Hans-Joachim Heintze

sef: April 2010

Policy Paper 31
From a Social to a Sustainable Market Economy

A new paradigm for the 21st century
Michael von Hauff

sef: May 2009

Policy Paper 30
Civil-Military Cooperation in Post-Conflict Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

Recommendations for Practical Action
Michael Brzoska/Hans-Georg Ehrhart

sef: November 2008

Policy Paper 29
Afghanistan: Policy Adjustments or Withdrawal?

Political Implications of the Escalation of Violence
Jochen Hippler

sef: September 2008

Policy Paper 28
The Responsibility to Protect as an Element of Peace

Recommendations for its Operationalisation
Sabine von Schorlemer
sef: December 2007

Policy Paper 27
Global Resource Management

Conflict Potential and Characteristics of a Global Governance Regime
Raimund Bleischwitz/Stefan Bringezu

sef: October 2007

Policy Paper 26
Justice and Solidarity in the Shadow of Globalisation

Options for Mature Economies
Friedhelm Hengsbach SJ.

sef: June 2007

Policy Paper 25
The Metropolises of the South: Laboratory for Innovations?

Towards better urban management with new alliances
Peter Herrle/Alexander Jachnow/Astrid Ley

sef: May 2006

Policy Paper 24
After the UN Reform Summit

Proposals to Strengthen Collective Action for Securing Peace
Lothar Brock/Tanja Brühl

sef: February 2006

Policy Paper 23
Between Ignorance and Intervention

Strategies and Dilemmas of External Actors in Fragile States
Tobias Debiel/Stephan Klingebiel/
Andreas Mehler/Ulrich Schneckener

sef: January 2005

Policy Paper 22
From Visions to Actions

The Future of EU-Russian Cooperation
Heinz Timmermann

sef: October 2004
- also published in Russian language -

Policy Paper 21
Europe and a Multipolar Global Governance

India and East Asia as New Partners?
Frank Biermann/Hans-Dieter Sohn

sef: April 2003

Policy Paper 20
Capacity Building

Possibilities and limitations of a cooperative instrument for the implementation of international law
Klaus Dicke
sef: March 2003

Policy Paper 19
World Politics at the Crossroads

The 11th of September 2001 and the Aftermath
Brigitte Hamm/Jochen Hippler/Dirk Messner/Christoph Weller
sef: March 2002

Policy Paper 18
Security for Europe Through Cooperation

Counter-Project to a Policy of Intervention
Hans Arnold
sef: June 2001

Policy Paper 17
Small Arms – A Challenge to World Peace

Peter Lock
sef: May 2001

Policy Paper 16
Multilateralism vs.Unilateralism

Cooperation vs.Hegemony in Transatlantic Relations
Franz Nuscheler
sef: January 2001

Policy Paper 15
Conflict Transformation

How International Assistance Can Contribute
Mary B. Anderson/Angelika Spelten
sef: December 2000

Policy Paper 14
The World Conferences and German Politics

A Contribution to Global Governance?
Brigitte Hamm/Thomas Fues
sef: November 2000

Policy Paper 13
Towards a Paradigm of Embedded Financial Liberalization

Interlocking the Wheels of Private and Public Finance
Inge Kaul
sef: December 1999

Policy Paper 12
Effective Crisis Prevention

Challenges for German Foreign and Development Policy
Tobias Debiel/Martina Fischer/Volker Matthies/Norbert Ropers
sef: June 1999

Policy Paper 11
Media Competence in the Age of Global Communication

In Search of a Political Framework for the European Information Society
Bernd-Peter Lange
sef: März 1999

Policy Paper 10
Getting Human Rights Enforced!

Calls to Action on the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights
Hans-Joachim Heintze
sef: November 1998

Policy Paper 9
Eine Weltorganisation für Umwelt und Entwicklung

Funktionen, Chancen, Probleme
Frank Biermann/Udo Ernst Simonis
sef: June 1998
- only published in German language -

Policy Paper 8
Von Nürnberg nach Rom

Auf dem Weg zu einem Internationalen Strafgerichtshof
Benjamin B. Ferencz
sef: May 1998
- only published in German language -

Policy Paper 7
Frieden durch Sanktionen?

Empfehlungen für die deutsche UN-Politik
Manfred Kulessa/Dorothee Starck
sef: Dezember 1997
- only published in German language -

Policy Paper 6
Rio plus 10

The German Contribution to a Global Strategy for Sustainable Development
Thomas Fues
sef: 1997

Policy Paper 5
Auf dem Weg in ein neues Europa

Die Erweiterung der Europäischen Union und die Transformation in Mittel- und Osteuropa
Hans-Jürgen Wagener/Heiko Fritz
sef: 1997
- only published in German language -

Policy Paper 4
Biopolitik für die Zukunft

Kooperation oder Konfrontation zwischen Nord und Süd
Andreas Gettkant/Udo E. Simonis/Jessica Suplie
sef: 1997
- only published in German language -

Policy Paper 3
Die Verflechtungen in den Mittel- und osteuropäischen
Grenzregionen als Beitrag zur Friedenssicherung

Günter Ermisch
sef: 1996
- only published in German language -

Policy Paper 2
Global Governance

Challenges to German Politics on the Threshold of the Twenty-First Century
Dirk Messner/Franz Nuscheler
sef: 1996

Policy Paper 1
Mit der WTO ins nächste Jahrhundert

Herausforderungen für die globale Handelspolitik
Margareta E. Kulessa/Jörn Altmann/Hartmut Elsenhans/Michael Windfuhr
sef: 1996
- only published in German language -