Policy Paper 34

Towards Global Energy Governance

Strategies for Equitable Access to Sustainable Energy

Manfred Fischedick, Sylvia Borbonus, Hanna Scheck
April 2011; 12 pp; ISSN 1437-2819

Policy Paper 34 as pdf-file.


International energy policy is currently an underdeveloped policy area. Numerous challenges in the energy sector – e. g. climate change, energy security and general access to energy – face a heavily fragmented institutional landscape on the international level which makes global cooperation in the energy sector nearly impossible. In the SEF-Policy Paper 34 the authors Professor Manfred Fischedick, Sylvia Borbonus and Hanna Scheck focus on this lack of global governance, analyse general requirements for a global energy regime and develop rules and strategies for an equitable access to sustainable energy on an international level.


The Global Refugee Crisis: Towards a just response


With their effort to keep refugees and migrants out of their territories, Western nations abdicate their historical and political responsibility, according to the analysis of the renowned Indian migration researcher B.S. Chimni in GLOBAL TRENDS. ANALYSIS 03|2018. Chimni therefore calls for a just response from the international community to the global refugee crisis. Such a response could only consist of a multidimensional strategy that had to be worked out in a genuine dialogue between all stakeholders.

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How to defend digital rights?


Internet freedom is threatened in many states by restrictions to net neutrality or by governments shutting down internet applications. But there are rays of hope. In different world regions, civil society is mobilizing to protect net neutrality. sef: discussed activists’ experiences from different world regions with ´Gbenga Sesan from Nigeria and Thomas Lohninger from Austria during a roundtable talk at the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum.

Read the most important results of the discussion in our short report

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