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BRICS. A realistic alternative for global reforms?

Herbert Wulf
August 2015; 4 pages



The latest summit of the heads of state or government of the five BRICS countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - on 8-9 July 2015 in the Russian city of Ufa attracted very little attention in the West. Has BRICS’s significance weakened recently, or has their global political and economic weight been underestimated? This question is discussed by Professor Herbert Wulf in our Global Governance Spotlight 6|2015. Wulf identifies BRICS' criticism of a whole range of global power relations as the driving force for the club. He urges the West to take the activities of the BRICS seriously and to work jointly towards a new balance in the global order. While there is no question mark over BRICS' economic importance, Wulf sees a need for the BRICS to catch up in the field of global security and peace issues.

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