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EU-Africa Trade Arrangements at a Crossroads.
Securing Africa’s External Frontier

David Luke | Simon Mevel | Melaku Geboye Desta
October 2020; 4 pages


In Global Governance Spotlight 3|2020, David Luke, Simon Mevel and Melaku Geboye Desta call for a new direction in trade policy between the EU and Africa. They argue that the current highly asymmetrical trade relations are unsustainable and damaging to intra-African trade. The goal of trade with the EU should be to strengthen Africa's economic integration. To achieve this, the EU must give priority to the realization of the African Continental Free Trade Area and postpone the conclusion of further bilateral free trade agreements with individual African states.

Policy Lunch 11/2020
EU-Africa Trade Arrangements at a Crossroads: How to better promote development and intra-African trade

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