Foreign Voices 2011-2015

All editions of the Foreign Voices can be downloaded as pdf-file.

Foreign Voices 4|2015
Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals –
The Municipalities’ Roles and Responsibilities
Esther Ofei-Aboagye

Foreign Voices 3|2015
Public Diplomacy Coalitions with the Global South.
East Asia as the next global center of gravity
Carolina G. Hernandez

Foreign Voices 2|2015
Combating Ebola in West Africa.
WAHO urges to broaden regional cooperation instead of closing borders
Sani Ali

Foreign Voices 1|2015
Lessons learned from Ebola.
The need for an Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Olawale I. Maiyegun

Foreign Voices 5|2014
South Africa and Patchwork Governance.
System Stabiliser or Antagonist?
Mzukisi Qobo

Foreign Voices 4|2014
Good Resource Governance in Nigeria.
Which path to take?
Orji Ogbonnaya Orji

Foreign Voices 3|2014
Natural Resource Governance. Overhauling EU-Africa cooperation
Ola Bello

Foreign Voices 2|2014
Extractive Governance in Africa. Policy lessons and shifting agenda
Ola Bello

Foreign Voices 1|2014
Putting Peace at the Core of the Post-2015 Agenda.
The g7+ strategy
Helder da Costa/Siafa Hage

Foreign Voices 4|2013
The Post-2015 Development Agenda. Addressing Structural Injustice
Rehman Sobhan

Foreign Voices 3|2013
Regional Energy Integration in West Africa. The journey so far
Hyacinth Elayo

Foreign Voices 2|2013
Consolidating Electoral Democracy in Africa. The Case of Kenya 2013
Felix Odhiambo Owuor

Foreign Voices 1|2013
The Path to Sustainable Energy For All: Biofuels Production and Food Security in Tanzania
Geoffrey Reuben John

Foreign Voices 5|2012 
Linking emergency aid with long-term development in Pakistan: From response to preparedness 
Atta Muhammad Murtaza Durrani

Foreign Voices 4|2012 
The Continental Free Trade Area in Africa – a step too far? 
Gerald Ajumbo

Foreign Voices 3|2012
An African Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) by 2017: Is it the right way to go for Africa? 
Flora Musonda

Foreign Voices 2|2012
The Tripartite Free Trade Area – shaping a new paradigm for African integration?
Trudi Hartzenberg

Foreign Voices 1|2012
Transport that addresses all people´s needs 
Kayemba Patrick

Foreign Voices 3|2011
Achieving sustainable mobility: psychology and policies
Carlosfelipe Pardo

Foreign Voices 2|2011
Respect the role of communities! Recommendations for land policy and food security from a civil society perspective
Manyara Angeline Munzara

Foreign Voices 1|2011
Zambia´s food security at risk
Jesinta Kunda


Anchoring global governance in societies


The opponents of global cooperation touch a nerve when they talk about global governance as an elitist project. The embedding of global governance at a societal level remains relatively weak. In our International sef: Expert Workshop 2018, we therefore aim to identify new strategies which could contribute to the progressive anchoring of global governance in society.

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The Global Refugee Crisis: Towards a just response


With their effort to keep refugees and migrants out of their territories, Western nations abdicate their historical and political responsibility, according to the analysis of the renowned Indian migration researcher B.S. Chimni in GLOBAL TRENDS. ANALYSIS 03|2018. Chimni therefore calls for a just response from the international community to the global refugee crisis. Such a response could only consist of a multidimensional strategy that had to be worked out in a genuine dialogue between all stakeholders.

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sef: Policy Lunch 2018

The EU in Global Food Governance


Enough food is produced worldwide to feed humanity, yet more than 815 million people in the world are undernourished. What is the global vision for food and nutrition governance? What initiatives and reforms are being implemented? What role can the EU play?

sef: and CIDSE – International Alliance of Catholic Development Agencies discussed these questions during a Policy Lunch in Brussels. Read the report now!

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Strengthening Local Peacebuilding. Establishing the Basis for Sustaining Peace


On 30 May 2018, international experts discussed in Berlin in what way local peacebuilding can contribute to the prevention of conflicts and to a sustainable peace. Examples from Burundi, Ghana, the Philippines and South Africa were provided to demonstrate chances and challenges of local peacebuilding. Read our short summary now.

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