International high-level dialogue forum

Shaping a globalised world

The Pandemic as a Multidimensional Crisis –
Strategies for a successful international response and prevention

International Symposium (Online)
30 June – 01 July 2022


Public Evening Event
30 June 2022, Frauenkirche Dresden


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The Corona pandemic, which affected all continents within a few months, posed a global threat of unprecedented proportions. The vulnerability of people in a highly networked world became clear. Inequality within and between societies is intensified, not only, but especially in the Global South. At the same time, the realisation that "no one is safe until everyone is safe," has highlighted the need for solidarity and increased international cooperation, in the field of global health, among other things.

The Dresden Forum for International Politics therefore asks what lessons we can learn from the Corona pandemic for future global cooperation and what course to set in the field of international health international health policy, but also beyond that, are now necessary. What has been the international cooperation at the beginning of the pandemic? How can we act together more quickly in future pandemics and leave no one behind? And what preventive measures should be taken to prevent future pandemics or limit their consequences?

These questions will be the focus of the symposium of the Dresden Forum for International Politics 2022 will be held. The evening event in the Frauenkirche Dresden will focus on Europe and ask what lessons can be learned from the pandemic. and ask what lessons can be learned from the pandemic for intra-European solidarity. are to be learned.

Partners and Sponsors

This event is co-financed by tax money based on the budget agreed upon by the members of the Saxon State Parliament.

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