Bonn Symposium 2015

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Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals at the Local Level – Strategies and Mechanisms

17 to 18 November 2015
Deutsche Welle, Bonn

The UN General Assembly adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015. The SDGs follow on from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) but also take account of the outcomes of the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20). The new 2030 Agenda thus captures all aspects of sustainable development – i.e. its environmental, economic and social dimensions – and applies to developing, emerging and industrialised countries alike.

For all the world’s countries, this raises the question of how to implement the new goals. Their success will be determined not in the UN General Assembly or in cabinet but, above all, in towns and cities where people live and work. The Bonn Symposium 2015 therefore aims to provide a forum for a range of local stakeholders (policy-makers, administrators and civil society) to explore the opportunities and challenges arising from the new Sustainable Development Goals and, together, to discuss possible strategies and mechanisms for their implementation. It will focus particularly on the role of local sustainability strategies.

The Bonn Symposium has long stood for international dialogue among local stakeholders. The global dimension of the SDGs creates a need and, above all, an opportunity for mutual learning. Thanks to the MDGs, many municipalities in the Global South are already well-versed in implementing binding international commitments and in producing suitable strategies and are able to share this experience with their counterparts in Europe, including Germany.

The two-day Symposium will focus on the following questions:

  • Which Sustainable Development Goals have been adopted?
  • How are they to be implemented?
  • Which contribution can and must the municipalities around the world make to SDG implementation?
  • How might local management for sustainability look?
  • Which mechanisms, processes and resources are needed in this context?

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