International high-level dialogue forum

Shaping a globalised world

Reducing Social Inequality – Strategies at Local Level

5-6 November 2020
University Club Bonn | ONLINE

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All over the globe, the coronavirus pandemic reveals and aggravates problems of social inequality. Slum dweller, for example, face the highest infection risks due to lack of space and poor infrastructure. Lockdowns and other policy measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 disproportionally affect those with low incomes or unsecure jobs. At the same time, many local communities and city governments take innovative and extraordinary steps to strengthen social cohesion, for example by coordinating and sponsoring neighbourhood initiatives or by transforming traffic areas into improvised playground and public parks.

What are lessons learned from these initiatives? How can we build on them to make our communities integrative and fair on a larger scale? What are best practices that cities of different world regions can share and replicate? What is our vision of social justice and equality at the local level in 2030? These questions were discussed by local policymakers, scientists and activists at the Bonn Symposium 2020 on 5/6 November.


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