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Berlin Summer Dialogue 2021 – Online Edition

Protesting for Political Reforms.
Prerequisites for peaceful transformations and violence prevention

Weekly from 1 June – 17 June 2021
– each Tuesday from 15:00 - 16:30 hrs (CEST) –

Conference language English

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Protest movements, including on a global scale, are nothing new: Some led to peaceful revolutions; others were ultimately followed by violence and fragility. A spike in protests was seen in 2019, with people in countries across the world demanding more participation and social reforms.

At the Berlin Summer Dialogue (2nd online edition), we would like to shed light on the causes and consequences of reform protests, particularly in fragile settings. Are there common patterns to be found, e.g. with regard to economic crises, social exclusion and the erosion of social contracts? What forms do protests take in fragile situations? What were “make or break” moments for protest movements in the past? How can social development be ensured? What causes protests to turn violent? To what extent does the internet play a role in forming protest? And what is the role of external actors in preventing violence and supporting human rights? These topics will be discussed with international experts at a series of online events throughout June 2021.

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