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Strengthening Local Peacebuilding – Establishing the Basis for Sustaining Peace

Public Evening Event, 29 May 2018
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Expert Conference, 30 May 2018
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Berlin Town Hall

In any process whose purpose is to transform violent conflict, the public’s attention tends to focus on international peace and donor conferences, international organisations’ mediation and peace missions, and national level negotiations. However, especially local peace work is important as a basis for sustainable peace. Within the sustaining peace process, the United Nations are also focussing on strengthening local and national peace structures.

At this year’s Berlin Summer Dialogue 2018, we will discuss the chances and challenges of local peacebuilding. We will especially focus on the work and composition of local peace committees. What can be done to achieve more active engagement by women and young people in local peacebuilding and which specific contributions can they make to sustaining peace. How is their work influenced by the wider conditions at the national and international level? And which forms of external support are beneficial to local peace engagement over the long term?

The public evening event will discuss the role of local media in violent conflicts.


Local Peace Committees in Burundi A Community-Led Peacebuilding Approach (Dieudonné Kibinakanwa)

Building Peace Through Media Engagement: The Role of Local Media in Armed conflict (William Tayeebwa)

Local peacebuilding: debates and lessons (Andries Odendaal)

Local Peacebuilding needs our support! (Paul van Tongeren)


Media coverage

Laying the basis for lasting peace
Article in the magazine D+C, 06/07/2018, by Franziska Wekenborg

Local media and violent strife
Article in the magazine D+C, 07/07/2018, by Franziska Wekenborg


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