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Exclusion as a cause of violent conflict. Strategies for International Cooperation

Public Evening Event
28 June 2017

Expert Conference
29 June 2017
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Berlin Town Hall

Around the world, crises and violent conflicts remain a major challenge for the international community. The causes are complex, but often enough social, political and economic exclusion play an important role. The members of the United Nations adopted the principle “to leave no one behind” with the Agenda 2030. International crisis engagement must therefore be reviewed critically to determine to what extent attention has focused exclusion so far. How can the international community play a supportive role in conflict situations? And what can be done to prevent the external actors to worsen existing forms of exclusion or trigger new ones?

These and other questions will be discussed at this year’s sef: Berlin Summer Dialogue with international experts from politics and administration, civil society and academia.


The exclusion and violent conflict nexus (Lars-Erik Cederman)




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