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"Breaking up filter bubbles. How to retain diversity?"

19. Juni 2017
World Conference Center Bonn

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Gesprächsrunde im Rahmen des Deutsche Welle Global Media Forums 2017

People rely more and more on information shared on social media. To many, blogs and sometimes dubious news channels seem equivalent to traditional media. They are often not aware that algorithms cater news according to their interests. As a consequence, it seems that many people are less exposed to conflicting opinions. To make matters worse, groups of like-minded people tend to function as resonance rooms with similar opinions reinforcing each other. There is a risk that these peer groups drift further apart, leading to a rupture of public opinion. But do filter bubbles really change and challenge public opinion? Or are we missing the real challenges behind? How can the potential negative impacts of digital technologies be countered? What can journalists and the media do to reach people across political attitudes? How can diversity of opinion be retained?


Perspectives as a service (Frederik Fischer,  Chief Editor, piqd.com, München)

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