Policy Briefing und Policy Lunch

sef: Brussels Symposium 2017

A different angle.
“Global South” perspectives on the European crises
7th March 2017 in Brussels

sef: Policy Lunch 11/2016

From Shared Vision to Common Action.
Realizing the SDGs in the EU’s External Activities
7. November 2016 in Brüssel

sef: Policy Lunch 05/2016

The World Humanitarian Summit –
What will the EU bring to the table?
11. Mai 2016 in Brüssel

Policy Briefing 11/2015

International Responsibility in the Global Garment Industry:
What Role for the EU?
Mittwoch, 4. November 2015, Brüssel

sef: Policy Lunch 05/2015

International tax cooperation
for sustainable development worldwide
6. Mai 2015 in Brüssel

Policy Briefing 10/2014

“Universal Goals – Innovative Financing?"
The EU’s contribution to the funding of a future global sustainable development agenda
7. Oktober 2014 in Brüssel

Policy Briefing 03/2013

„Transforming the Global Energy System“
26. März 2013 in Brüssel