Foreign Voices 2006-2010

All editions of the Foreign Voices can be downloaded as pdf-file.

Foreign Voices 2|2009
Self-determined development vs. externally controlled aid efficiency – what kind of development strategy leads to success? Yash Tandon in a controversy with Eckhard Deutscher
Yash Tandon und Eckhard Deutscher

Foreign Voices 1|2009
Women and Traditional Knowledge in Drylands
Luc Gnacadja

Foreign Voices 3|2008
In the aftermaths of the xenophobic violence in South Africa: How can South African cities respond?
Aurelia Wa Kabwe-Segatti

Foreign Voices 2|2008
The UN/AU-Hybrid Mission in Darfur: Challenges of Implementation
Henri Boshoff

Foreign Voices 1|2008
The Responsibility to Protect (R2P): A way forward - or rather part of the problem?
Thelma Ekiyor

Foreign Voices 6|2007
Turning the resource curse into a blessing. How to further social and economic development in resource-rich countries
Ana Elizabeth Bastida

Foreign Voices 5|2007
Partnership or Neo-Colonialism? The Role of the South in Global Resource Governance
Joyce R. Aryee

Foreign Voices 4|2006
Energy & Geopolitics. A European and a Chinese Perspective
Jacques de Jong

Foreign Voices 3|2006
What Role for South Coalitions in Global Governance? A South African View
Elizabeth Sidiropoulos

Foreign Voices 2|2006
How to Conduct Security Sector Reform in Kosovo in Order to Increase Internal and Regional Security
Challenges and Opportunities
Lulzim Peci

Foreign Voices 1|2006
What role for "traditional-religious" authorities in fragile states? The example of Tajikistan
Abdullo Hakim Rahnamo


Peace must grow from within – but how?


On 8th February 2018, we invite you to a public evening event at the famous Frauenkirche Dresden. The keynote on "Peace must grow from within – but how?" will be given by the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura. Furthermore, Vera Baboun, former Mayor of Bethlehem, Tanja Gönner from GIZ and Hajer Sharief, Extremely Together Young Leader from Libya, will speak about their experience on the long and winding road to peaceful coexistence.

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sef: Bonn Symposium 2017

Local partnerships to implement Agenda 2030 worldwide


On 5th and 6th December 2017, sef: hosted, together with the Service Agency Communities in One World (SKEW) of Engagement Global gGmbH, the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and other supporters, its annual Bonn Symposium. More than 120 experts discussed good examples of partnerships within and between municipalities worldwide. You will find all speakers’ presentations here. A conference report will be published soon. 

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sef: Policy Lunch 2017

Possible UN-Treaty on Business and Human Rights


At the end of October, the third negotiations on a UN-Treaty on Business and Human Rights took place in Geneva. Goal of the negotiations is a legally binding instrument for States and Businesses. With a sef: Policy Lunch, sef: and CIDSE informed the Brussels community on the outcome of the negotiations on 20 November, and discussed the European positions. Our short conference report provides an overview.

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First Parliamentary Breakfast

sef: in dialogue with Members of Parliament in North Rhine-Westphalia

On 20 December 2017, sef: welcomed nearly 20 Members of the Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia to a Parliamentary Breakfast. The Chairperson of the Executive Committee, Renate Hendricks, provided  an overview of the history of sef: and its current projects. The subsequent discussion focussed on possible links to the one world and sustainability policy of the federal state.

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“Sustaining Peace” – Current challenges for democracy


2018 will be the start of a new high-level sef: series called Dresden Forum for International Politics. On 8/9 February 2018, international experts will convene to discuss current challenges for democracies. What are possible pathways towards lasting peace and nonviolent societies? Staffan de Mistura, UN Special Envoy for Syria, and Steve Killelea, Publisher of the Global Peace Index, have already confirmed their participation.

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