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The SEF publishes short policy papers as well as in-depth publications in order to make the results of its work accessible to a wider interested public.

The SEF’s short publications are currently produced in two ongoing series:

GLOBAL GOVERNANCE SPOTLIGHT is a concise policy-oriented series whose purpose is to critique international negotiation processes from a global governance perspective. It is published 6-8 times a year in German and English.

sef: insight is an online publication to accompany key conferences hosted by sef:. It presents interviews with international experts as well as opinion pieces on pressing issues of local, regional and global governance. sef: insight aims at bringing perspectives from other world regions to the debate.

Enhancing this offer, the SEF produces the following in-depth publications at intervals of one to three years:

GLOBAL TRENDS is a standard work containing facts and figures and identifying trends and linkages between key developments in global society. Prepared in collaboration with the Institute for Development and Peace (INEF), it is published every three years in German, with an abridged version in English.

In addition to these regular series, the SEF produces SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS in book form on an occasional basis, as a contribution to the political and academic debate in Germany. 

Our previous publication series – the SEF POLICY PAPERS, the FOREIGN VOICES and the ONE World books – can be accessed via our website. These series will be discontinued from mid 2012.