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"Global Trends"

Displacement and Forced Migration – Rethinking prevention


Around 100 international experts discussed root causes of displacement and migration and how to address them at this year’s sef: Berlin Summer Dialogue. The discussions and results can be found in the following conference report. ... :further info here

How significant is the founding vision of a world without hunger and destruction today?


“Crisis has become the new normal“, Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier states: “Working towards a just, peaceful and durable international order is therefore one of Germany’s fundamental foreign policy interests“. On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the Development and Peace Foundation (sef:) asked internationally renowned political practitioners as well as academic experts what sef’s founding vision means to them today. The result is a mosaic of thought-provoking, sceptical but also cautiously optimistic statements made by personalities who have their particular share in framing global developments. ... :further info here

Roundtable talk - Distortions in migrant reporting. striving towards a realistic picture


Is the representation of migrants and refugees in the media balanced? How can migrants actively contribute to the shaping of public discourse? sef: discussed these and other questions during a roundtable discussion at this year’s Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum. A short report is now available. ... :further info here

The UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants. Will it make a difference?


Against the backdrop of humanity on the move, the United Nations convenes a high-level meeting during the meeting of the General Asembly in New York on September 19, 2016. Its purpose is to consider global responses to large movements of refugees and migrants. The Global Governance Spotlight 5|2016, written by former UN Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees, T. Alexander Aleinikoff, discusses key recommendations of the mentioned draft, identifies issues not adequately addressed by the drafters, and assesses the likely impact of the Summit.. ... :further info here

CC BY-NC 2.0 Rasande Tyskar/

International Solidarity: Yesterday’s ideal or emerging key norm?


The idea of international solidarity was implicit in the UN framework from the very first. But it took until the late 1990s for the term “solidarity” to finally find its way into universally agreed documents. The UN Millennium Declaration explicitly referred to solidarity as one of six fundamental values in international relations. Ironically, it was adopted at the end of a decade of cooperative multilateralism. Subsequently, solidarity seemed to lose its relevance as a guiding principle of international politics. So is international solidarity yesterday’s vision? Or are we witnessing another turning point in history in response to the current crises, leading to a revival of international solidarity? These and further questions will be explored at this year's International sef: Expert Workshop. ... :further info here


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