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06 December 2016

Foreign Voices 3|2016

Affordable Housing in Tanzania. Local initiatives and challenges in implementing the 2030 Agenda


In the current edition of the sef: Foreign Voices Series, Joseph I. Shewiyo, Zonal Commissioner for Lands at the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development Tanzania, gives an insight into local initiatives and challenges Tanzania has set up in the area of adequate and affordable housing. He highlights the challenges but also the opportunities embedded in strategies to provide decent housing in Tanzania. ... :further info here

The New Urban Agenda. What is its relevance for local and regional governments?


From 17-20 October 2016, representatives from almost 200 UN member states gathered in Quito on the occasion of Habitat III. They adopted the New Urban Agenda (NUA), a non-binding global framework connecting the dots between urbanization and sustainable development. Even though the NUA falls short of expectations as a clear implementation agenda, Michael Woodbridge and Monika Zimmermann argue that it can be of relevance to local and regional governments. In Global Governance Spotlight 7|2016, they furthermore explain how local actors can contribute to sustainable development irrespective of the further development of NUA. ... :further info here

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22 November 2016

Bonn Symposium 2016

Leave no one behind. Agenda 2030: a social policy mandate for the local level


On 24/25 November 2016, the Development and Peace Foundation (sef:) will, together with the Service Agency Communities in One World host this year’s Bonn Symposium. Under the title “Leave no one behind. Agenda 2030: a social policy mandate for the local level” we would like to discuss opportunities of action and limits of local social policy based on practical examples. ... :further info here

21 November 2016



A new edition of SEF/INEF News has just been published. At the centre of attention stands the topic of social sustainability and the 2030 Agenda. ... :further info here

From Shared Vision to Common Action. Realizing the SDGs in the EU’s External Activities


More than a year after the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, an overarching EU strategy for implementing the 2030 Agenda is still missing. However, the integration of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the EU’s external activities seems to advance. Is the EU on the right track, after all? And what would be important next steps to live up to its promises? These were the questions discussed with representatives from the European Commission and civil society during a sef: Policy Lunch on 7 November in Brussels. A short report is now available. ... :further info here


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