Workshop for Experts from the German Länder

Workshop for Experts from the Federal States 2017

Implementing and communicating sustainability
13-14 September 2017
Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development

Workshop for Experts from the Federal States 2016

Flight and Migration as an Issue for the German Länder's Development Policy
13-14 April 2016
LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn

Workshop for Experts from the Federal States 2015

Regional Partnerships with the Global South –
Factors for Success and Challenges
5-6 March 2015
Neues Schloss, Stuttgart

Workshop for Experts from the Federal States 2014

Conference of Experts
European Year of Development 2015 –
The Perspective of the German Länder
20-21 February 2014
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
of the Federal State of Brandenburg, Potsdam

Workshop for Experts from the Federal States 2013

Acting in Global Responsibility –
Measures for the Implementation of the Guidelines on Development Policy of the Federal States
4-5 March 2013
State Chancellery, Stadttor, Düsseldorf

Workshop for Experts from the Federal States 2012

Making Global Interdependences Visible –
A Core Development Policy Task for the German Länder
14-15 February 2012
Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, Berlin

“Sustaining Peace” – Current challenges for democracy


2018 will be the start of a new high-level sef: series called Dresden Forum for International Politics. On 8/9 February 2018, international experts will convene to discuss current challenges for democracies. What are possible pathways towards lasting peace and nonviolent societies? Staffan de Mistura, UN Special Envoy for Syria, and Steve Killelea, Publisher of the Global Peace Index, have already confirmed their participation.

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sef/INEF News November 2017


We have just released a new edition of sef/INEF News. Find out more about our current events and publications!

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Human Rights and the Global Economy


The relationship between the global economy and human rights is complex. Too often, the latter fall by the wayside. Unequal power relations seem to be an important factor. On 07th and 8th September 2017, a group of international experts discussed in Bonn how to challenge structures that favour unequal power relations to the detriment of human rights. Read a summary of the discussions in our conference report!

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UN Compact for Migration: Unresolved issues


At a UN Summit in September 2016, the Heads of State and Government endorsed a commitment to achieve a Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration by September 2018. How does the preparatory process look like? What are crucial issues still to be resolved? And what should the negotiators consider? Read the answers in this Global Governance Spotlight by Steffen Angenendt.

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