Bonn Symposium 2017

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Local partnerships. Working together to implement Agenda 2030 worldwide

Deutsche Welle, Bonn
5-6 December 2017

This year’s Bonn Symposium will focus on the role of local partnerships in SDG implementation. What are good examples of partnerships within and between municipalities worldwide? What can be done to build on existing partnerships? Which factors determine the success of local partnerships for sustainable development, and what are the specific challenges? What can be done to facilitate better knowledge sharing among municipalities worldwide – and how can networks of cities make a contribution here? These are the key questions to be explored at the two-day Symposium.

A radical shift towards more sustainability can only succeed if society commits all its energies to the pursuit of this objective. Indeed, a partnership-based approach to SDG implementation is enshrined in SDG 17 as a self-standing goal. At the international level, knowledge and technology transfer – between all regions of the world – is the main focus of attention here.

But at the local level too, cities and municipalities, civil society groups, the academic community and business must work together with citizens in the interests of sustainable development. In practice, numerous local partnerships for sustainable development have existed within and among cities, municipalities and regions for a very long time, involving a range of stakeholders and covering various policy fields. Very few of these alliances identify specifically as partnerships within the SDG framework. In most cases, the primary motive for establishing the partnership is pragmatic: to cut urban traffic congestion, save energy or reduce waste. Nevertheless, these innovative models involving a range of stakeholders working together offer great potential for local engagement in SDG implementation.

In terms of the one world concept, international partnerships between cities are a very valuable resource for shared creative thinking about ways of implementing the SDGs at the local level. Increasing numbers of municipalities are also actively engaged in regional or international networks of cities and are thus helping to shape policy at these levels.

At the Bonn Symposium, experts from various regions of the world will discuss how Agenda 2030 can be implemented through local partnerships. We hope you will join us.

Please find the draft programme here.


UN Treaty on business and human rights 


The United Nations started negotiating a possible legally binding treaty on business and human rights in 2014.The last session of the UN working group in October 2017 discussed, for the first time, elements of a possible treaty.  In the current edition of our Global Governance Spotlight series, Carlos López analyses the state of the negotiations and crucial challenges. 

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sef: Bonn Symposium 2017

Local partnerships to implement Agenda 2030 worldwide


In December 2017, sef: hosted, together with the Service Agency Communities in One World (SKEW) of Engagement Global gGmbH, the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and other supporters, its annual Bonn Symposium. More than 120 experts discussed good examples of partnerships within and between municipalities worldwide. Read the conference report and have a look at the speakers’ presentations.

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sef: insights 7-9|2017


On the sidelines of the Bonn Symposium 2017 we had the chance to interview three international experts on local SDG implementation.

Mariam Yunusa, former Director of the World Urban Forum, speaks about why it is so important to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through local partnerships. Tasneem Essop elaborates on her motivation for the founding of the Energy Democracy Initiative in South Africa. And Abdihakim Ainte explains how he plans to equip young Somalis with better prospects for their future by conveying the SDGs. 

Read the interviews here!

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